4 Essential Elements of A Great Business Card Design

Your business card is much more than a piece of paper bearing the credentials of your company. It is the face of your company with which your clients associate. It is your launchpad for new connections and opportunities in business. You have to be cautious while designing your business card because it can prove to be a double-edged sword. A well-designed business card can attract new clients while a bad one can piss them off.


There is no one-size-fits all formula for business card designing, it depends entirely on your taste and preferences. Some of the most important elements are mentioned below which should be taken into consideration while designing your business card. These simple but useful tips will make your business card a clear winner among your clients.
1. It should be simple
Nothing attracts your clients more than the simplicity of your business card. You will have to make a perfect blend between simple and excess designing. A simple, uncluttered sophisticated design will attract more clients, making your business more memorable. Bring out the professional appearance of your business card. However do not go for too simple design which will be left behind in competition among other cards. You can use both side of the card for your content but it should neither be less nor more when it comes to content on the card.
2. It should be memorable
Your clients are flooded with all sorts of business card from many people, you should make an effort to make your card memorable. Come out with some out of the box ideas while designing your business card to make it special in every aspect. Plastic or metal made business card will surely make a mark among your clients. If your budget allows you, select the most premium and stylish business card to impress your clients. The better and exclusive your design will be, better will be your chances to be distinctive among other cards present with your clients.
3. It should brand well
Even though your business card might attract your clients in the initial stage but sometime it fails to do the marketing for your company. Every element which is used on the business card should portray the image of your company which you want to project. Proper color pallet, typeface and material should be selected to bring the best out of it. Being the face of your company, business card should be consistent with the personality of your firm. Avoid too much deviation in the design from time to time as it would lead to confusion in the mind of the clients.
4. It should be within limitations
There is no point making an exclusive business card at a hefty price. The business card should be within the budget of the company. A good business card does not necessarily has to be expensive. You can take the help of professional graphic designing company to get the best design at the most affordable price. Your business card should bring out a professional appearance without compromising with your budget. The business card should integrate all the necessary elements to attract clients and stand out from the others present in the market.

What are the benefits of custom envelope designs?

Sending envelopes emanated from ancient era. Since those days till today, the tradition of envelope communication has not stopped, but it has been modified and changed in terms of size and shape. Custom envelopes are categorized in various types. Now-a-days, Businesses are actively engaged in building long lasting relationship with customers. Hence they are promoting their products and services in such ways that customers return to them again and again.
Sending out custom envelopes is one of the most popular market trend to promote business services and products. Your business logo, a trendy tag line with eye catchy print designs on it makes a custom envelope, attractive and demanding. Your envelope design creates a brand awareness.

Custom envelope designs2

What are the other benefits of custom envelopes designs?

You can get all the perks of customizing each and every aspect of your envelope design, hence you get TOTALLY custom envelope designs. Starting with the font colours to background colours, your logo, your business address & other details goes as YOU wish! Your envelope design is unique because you designed it and that is a big win for your business. If you go for readymade envelope templates, you are limited to whatever envelopes designs are there in the store.
When a deal goes in a plain envelope, your envelope is definitely going to get ignored. But when they recieve a branded custom envelope with trendy design, your business logo & other details that will surely catch your potential’s attention. We all love art and design right? What would you do if you are handed two envelopes one is plain and other is designed. Ofcourse it is a human tendency that people will go for designed one first. Readymade envelope template designs can also attract people but the thing that will set your business out of the box is your solide envelope design which is very unique.

If you can’t find your desired envelope design, let YourDesignPick design it for you. Moreover, 100% free customization is available to meet user’s requirements as close as possible. You can check out some of the envelope designs here Custom Envelope Designs.