How to Make Your Logo Design Look Great?

A great logo might not be capable enough to determine the future of your business but it is certainly something which can give a different angle to it. A great logo is the mirror through which outside world visualizes your brand. The design of your logo should be such that it says a thousand words about your company.

Creating a logo design which will make your brand popular among the customers should be your aim. Listed below are some of the elements which should be taken care while designing a logo for your business. Integrate these useful tips while designing a logo and see the difference it creates on your customers.



1. It should be Unique

There is no point copying someone else’s logo and use it for your business. There is a lot of thing which goes inside designing a corporate logo design. Your copying will lead to create a negative impression in the mind of your customers. Beside your customers thinking of you being cheap and unprofessional, your rivals can sue you for copying their logo. Come up with a unique and distinct corporate logo which will help your brand create its own identity in the market.

2. It should be Descriptive

Your corporate logo design should be easy to describe. The images, text and colors should be such that it helps customers to remember it. Your business logo should be simple, clear and eye-catching so that people will talk about it. Proper words of mouth is very essential and for that to take place, give your customers every reason to connect with it. The corporate logo you design should be such that it makes the customers glued to it.

3. It should be purposeful

The business you are dealing into and the logo design you go for are inter-connected. Before selecting your business logo you should analyse which business you are into. You should make sure that your logo depicts exactly the thing what you are doing. Your customers will identify you with your corporate logo and connect with you. Your logo will become so popular among the customers that it will be the best marketing tool you could have gone for.

4. It should be targeted towards your audience

The market which you are targeting should be in a condition to understand your business logo. There is no point creating something which will not connect with your target audience. Make sure to use color, image and design which will be in tune with the customers you are aiming at. The kind of customers, their style and nature should be kept in mind before finalizing your corporate logo. Select a business logo which will engage your selected market.

5. It should showcase your entire offering

The logo design which you are selecting for your business should show everything which you have on your platter. It should embrace the whole essence of the company and should showcase everything which you want to offer. All the key products and services should be available and not a selected few. It should also give you the flexibility to make relevant changes in future. Your corporate logo is the mirror in which your customers will see your company’s image.


How to make your Newspaper Ad Design more Effective?

How often have you noticed an ad in your newspaper? I am sure it must be every time when you have opened it to read. Now, how much time you have invested in reading the ad? I am sure not even a few minutes. This is the uniqueness of the newspaper ad, either you like it and go through it or you completely dislike it by not even looking at it. Newspaper, traditional it might be, still is one of the best way of advertising your brand, service or product. As advertising in a newspaper comes with a cost proper analysis should be done before going for it. The newspaper becomes redundant with the next issue coming out, you need to design your ad in such a way that it strikes the reader instantly.


Your newspaper ad design should be such that it creates a lasting impression within the first few seconds. The reader will go through your ad only if can catch his attention with your ad design. Yourdesignpick, a leading web design and development company has years of experience in designing powerful and effective newspaper ad. With the best-in-the-industry technology and most flexible customizations they will make sure that you get nothing but the best. Some of the basic things that should be kept in mind to make your newspaper ad design more effective are:


The headline being the first thing that readers will read, is the most important aspect of newspaper ad design. Your headline should be short, attractive and to-the-point. The font and color should be easy and clean to make them legible in the very first instant.


The content being the second in command after headline should be engaging too. Your content should be crisp, with appropriate font size. The content being too lengthy will urge the readers to avoid it. Use bullet points and avoid long paragraphs.


The design and graphics included also help in grabbing reader’s attention. Your design should be both catchy and attractive. However, your design should not overpower and outshine your content in the ad. Too much of flashy elements will repel the reader instead of otherwise.


Though usually newspaper ads come in black and white, color can be a luxury in newspaper ad design. By using right color combination, you can attract the reader’s attention. A well-drafted design with right color will make your newspaper ad design more effective and powerful.


Your business logo is your brand identity and should be given due importance. The best place in your newspaper ad design should be reserved for your logo. Though there is no rule but usually your logo finds a place at the bottom right corner. Your logo should appear clearly in your ad.


Since the space in the newspaper cost you money, your newspaper ad design should comply with it. You have to design your ad according the space you have bought in the newspaper. Right design of newspaper ad according to the space available should be your aim.

YourDesignPick, understands the importance of newspaper ad design and therefore executes it with utmost care and precision. Along with the most attractive and unique newspaper ad design, it also offers corporate logo design, poster designs, creative business cards, custom stationery designs, presentation folder designs, t-shirt design, vehicle wrap design & much more in 30+ categories.

Benefits of a well designed Poster

A well designed and presented poster is a medium of communicating to a particular target market. It is the most logical and cost-effective way of marketing to all the people living in a particular area. When designed and placed properly, attractive posters can allure all the people who have a look at it. They can be a great marketing tool for any business and help in increasing brand awareness.

A well designed and placed poster is helpful in educating people about a new product or service. Some of the advantages of a poster are:


Cost- effective Marketing Tool

The most important benefit that poster provides to the business is reducing its marketing cost. You can hire a professional poster designer and get your poster designed within your budget. It will definitely not cost you stars and your most cost- effective marketing tool will be ready for your business.

Instigates Instant Response

You can target a particular segment of people with a well designed poster. Whether they are standing for a bus or going in their vehicle, your poster will be noticed by them. Your poster has to be designed in such a way that it calls for action. With a clever and sharp designed poster, you can make the people go for it as soon as possible.

Make it Visible to many

It is at your own discretion to make your poster more visible to the viewers. You can go for many posters or you can go for a single big poster depending on your budget and need. Making people to go for more viewing will ensure that they will have a picture of your product and brand. The poster will be in their head for long after actually seeing it.

Choose your Location wisely

You can put your poster at any place and can target your market according to you. The place which you choose has to be such that it allow maximum people to view it. The better place you will choose for your poster, better result you are likely to get out of it. So just select the right location and let your poster bring the maximum result.

But only thinking about a poster will not serve the purpose. In order to make your poster work for your business, it has to be designed and executed in a professional way. It is important for your poster to be both attractive and informative. In order to get noticed by people, your poster has to be unique and alluring in every aspect.

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